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Welcome to the new DIGIZEN website

The Digizen website provides information for educators, parents, carers, and young people. It is used to strengthen their awareness and understanding of what digital citizenship is and encourages users of technology to be and become responsible DIGItal citiZENS. It shares specific advice and resources on issues such as social networking and cyberbullying and how these relate to and affect their own and other people's online experiences and behaviours.



Find out what digital citizenship is, how people are making a positive difference using the latest technologies, and how you too can become a responsible DIGItal citZEN

  • Share your work

    Share your work

    Send us your stories, films, scripts, or poems...

  • Plagiarism

    Cyberbullying Guidance Overview

    Browse this helpful booklet that
    gives you an overview of
    the main issues surrounding cyberbullying…

  • Skills school

    Skills School

    View these films to pick up some hints, tips and tricks on how technology can help safeguard you online…

  • Plagiarism

    Preventing Plagiarism

    Find out what plagiarism is,
    how it happens
    and how to avoid it…

What is digital citizenship?

Film giving Childnet's position on Digital Citizenship & how everyone can become a better DIGIZEN

Social Networking

Discover information and findings on the phenomenon of Social Networking and how to use social networking sites and social media sites creatively and safely.


Select which audience you belong to and you will be guided through to a page that houses information especially for you!

Films, Games and Resources

Explore the booklets, films, leaflets, games, interviews, and lesson plans found in this section

  • Let's Fight It Together

    Let's Fight It Together

    View this award winning film that helps sensitise people to the hurt they can...

  • Digizen game

    Digizen Game

    Play the Digizen game to personalise and reinforce your learning about cy...

  • Character interviews

    Character Interviews

    Watch this series of interviews with the characters from Let's Fight It Together...

  • Social networking detective

    Social Networking Detective

    Explore social networking profiles to see if you can spot safe and unsafe choices...

Evaluating social networking services

Explore these charts to review some well-known social networking sites...